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   Jing River Instrument Co., Ltd. Since its inception in 1995 has experienced 10 years of development and change. Already have extensive capabilities and experience in technical production of thermal instrumentation. High-quality products also earns the member unit of China Association for Quality Miles (CAQP) and the "goods and quality" of attacking falsified Center Quality reputation tracking units laudatory. Also, Hong Kong-run precision instruments, in Anhui Province as the only designated technical service center.
    The company is engaged in manufacturing instruments business, measuring thermometer Instrumentation, compensation wire, inspection device, transmitter, pres

The company's future vision (2009-11-27)
Instruments of the use and presenta…(2009-11-27)

Tianchang Jinghe Instrument Co.,ltd.
Address:Tianchang City, Anhui Copper Town
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